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What Are Fainting Goats?

Fainting goats, also known as Myotonic Goats, Nervous Goats, Stiff-leg Goats, Wooden Leg Goats, and Tennessee Fainting Goats have a harmless genetic muscle condition called myotonia congenita which causes their muscles to temporarily freeze when they are startled or excited. Fainting goats do not really faint, when this happens they remain completely conscious and aware the entire time. This condition is not harmful or painful to the goats. Learn more about fainting goats


Did You Know?

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Myotonic "Fainting" Goats are a very rare breed of livestock only a few years ago threatened of extinction! Thanks to the hard work of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy and many dedicated rare livestock breeders the Myotonic Goat is now in recovery status!



 Why Raise Fainting Goats?

Fainting goats are much smaller than typical goat breeds and much easier to care for. They are very friendly, intelligent and a lot of fun to have on any hobby farm or ranch and can even be kept within city limits in many counties. Mainly raised as pets and bred for show, they are classified as a meat goat but rarely used for chevron (goat meat). Fainting goats typically live 10 to 12 years and can weigh anywhere from 50 to 175 pounds.


Where Did Fainting Goats Come From?

Myotonic goats are believed to have been brought to America sometime in 1880 from Nova Scotia by a immigrant farm worker named John Tinsley. Before he left Tennessee he traded his small herd to a veterinarian who successfully bred them. They were believed to be popular amongst traveling shepherds who kept them in their flock as sacrificial prey. Should their herd be attacked by predators the fainting goats would faint and allow the rest of the herd to escape.


What Are Mini Fainting Goats?

Miniature fainting goats are simply pure bred Tennessee fainting goats which have been selectively bred to achieve smaller sizes. Our miniature fainting goats are IFGA certified miniature, under 19″ tall at withers and on average 55-60 pounds!


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Janet Farkas Myotonic Goat breeder


We take very special care of all our animals and take great pride in our herd! Our fainting goats are very friendly, happy and very healthy! We specialize in the miniature line, tri-color and blue eyes.

-Janet Farkas-Owner of GJF Ranch and Professional Fainting Goat Breeder.




All our fainting goats are:

  • Registered with The International Fainting Goat Association & Myotonic Goat Registry.
  • Raised in a healthy, stress free environment.
  • Very socialized and friendly.
  • Fully vaccinated and healthy.
  • Genetically diverse, no inbreeding or line breeding.

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